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I used FP [I know its bad but I needed only about 4 pages] and uploaded by FTP. The online form gives an error saying that the Frontpage extensions are not turned on. I dont want to turn that on, and Nvu seems not to have support for creating a form. Any suggestions?

Can I use another software for the form and leave my existing pages with FP?


Sure. The form is only html. Actually, Nvu does have extensive support for form creation and editing. Check out the icon immediatly to the left of the “Spell” icon. You could also Cut N Paste your form code from FP and inset it into another editor, or just modify the form code using the html view of FP to modify the “action” part to use another form processor than the FP extensions.

In other words, creating the forms is most lilkely not your real problem, as the missing FP extensions are more likely involved in processing the form, which you will still have to do.

Dreamhost provides the use of a fairly robust form processor with your account, and it is pretty easy to modify your form to use this if you invest a little time in learning how to configure your form. Information for doing this is located at

Good luck!


You can also download a form mail script. I use a php version that was based on Matt’s form mail script (that was written in perl).

While this script was developed years ago, everybody and their grandmother uses it (even DH it looks like!) XD. My script is still version ONE so that tells you how long I’ve had it hehehe (I need to start using the current version one of these days >.>).

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My guess is you are trying to use some of the properties of the form that require extentions. Forms in general with out and properties set will up load just fine with ftp.
What I usually do is create the forms with FP, then change the properties in notepad. One thing I found out with FP or atleast ver. 97 is that it does not recognize PHP and removes the code.


Change your form so that it uses the DH form mail instead of the FP extensions.
I don’t use FP and don’t have it here to test but I have done it before and pretty sure that is an option while you are making your form. Point it to the form mail script.


Thanks. How do I use DH form mail?


Thanks. Sorry for my ignorance but how do I change the FP form properties in notepad? and what should I change?


I’ve not ever used fp to build a form but I suspect it would use the same but I’m not certain of it. That’s the part you would need to change (or what looks similar to that, it could use get perhaps) and have it point to your script instead of whatever format fp uses to send stuff.

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