Frontpage Link Bar Problem

Hello all -

Would GREATLY appreciate help with this problem.

I’m an accidental techie for a nonprofit organization and recently built a site ( in Frontpage 2002.

As folks here probably know, Dreamhost is a host/server that installed the FP extensions but does not provide any tech support for FP. It is a UNIX-based LINUX (Debian) running Apache webservers. Their FP-enabled Apache servers have the FP extensions loaded as a module. They are running the FP server extensions 5.0 (FP 2003).

There are two link/nav bars in the shared borders on my site. The horizontal link bar in the top border appears properly. The vertical link bar in the left side border only appears as text not the link bar images. The link bar image buttons appear correctly on my PC, but when I upload the site to the server the nav bar changes to only text links.

I know there are some various bugs with the link bars and UNIX/Apache as well as some version issues, but that’s all way beyond my expertise.

I have already tried deleting and republishing the site (after having recalculated all the links in FP).

I don’t know enough to understand whether this problem is specific to Dreamhost and would be solved if I switch servers, or if it’s not.

It really has to be fixed one way or another.

Please advise!

I’ve noticed people having many problems with FP not pointing the HTML code correctly to images. A lot of times it will just point to files on your own hard drive. Look at your HTML file in a text editor. Make sure the the code for the missing images is pointed to the correct internet directory and file(s), and then make sure the directory was actually created in your webspace and that the images are actually there.


Chell’s advice is sound. My first thought would be along the same lines: Are the images really there? Do the web pages refer to them?

One possible solution could be to have FrontPage upload the entire site again, overwriting anything that’s already there. Or, alternatively, first remove everything from the website, and then publish from FP. That should ensure that all FP-files are present.

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Sorry to be away so long.
I have tried many, many fixes for this problem, including having Dreamhost delete and reinstall the FP server extensions, republishing the entire site, rebuilding the navigation structure from scratch, and others.

There are two link bars based on navigation structures in my shared borders. Both appear correctly on my PC. One in the top border appears perfectly when published to Dreamhost. The other does not. It does not appear as an image as it should but changes into a text bar.