FrontPage extensions



Just curious but what’s the big deal with installing/using FrontPage extensions ? My last host had a script that ran right from the control panel to install/remove them in seconds and DH (a much, much larger company) can’t even do it in the same day ?

Also the tone of the messaging that pops up in the control panel makes it quite clear that DH doesn’t want to be bothered with such a feature. I’m using MS Expression Web which has much in common with FP2003 though it doesn’t mandate the use of extensions. Unfortunately I think using them is the only way to keep my webs synched between my workstation and the server.


The big problem is that Microsoft no longer creates FrontPage Extensions (or whatever the current name for them is) for Linux/Apache setups. Presumably, it is part of their policy to get everyone to use Windows instead of Linux.

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Unfortunately you might be right. It seems that they have had a new set of extensions developed by RTR Software for IIS 7 and Vista however there is no confirmation that a version for *nix is in the works.

As to MS maintaining Global Domination, they have no worries in the desktop environment as Linux driver development is 5 years behind the curve and getting further all the time. From peripherals such as scanners and video cameras to base components such as nVidia and Promise RAID controllers and much much more, it’s essentially a Windows world.


I was referring to operating systems for web servers, where Linux is still very much the dominant force and peripherals and device control are irrelevant. Disturbingly however, Windows-based servers are on the up again.

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Ah ! Yes, Windows servers do seem to be on the increase. Perhaps the ease of developing tools has something to do with it ? Someday I’m going to build me a Linux-specific workstation. I’ve dual-booted it since RH 4.0 however never found the apps that I need. Sure can be a solid OS though. I once loaded a hundred or so .ogg files into XMMS and then opened a huge amount of .jpgs and other files. Maxed out the RAM 2X over and it never skipped a beat.