FrontPage Extensions (Don't kill me!)

Ok, so I have a user using frontpage extensions on her site (i know its crappy, but she’s stubborn and wouldn’t just ftp)

since installing the ftp extensions I’ve had nothing but problems, DH support seems to think everything is fine, but when I go to publish using frontpage it just asks for a username and password over and over again…I’m using a good username/password that I can login to the site via FTP, telnet, or SSH…yet frontpage has problems with it…any suggestions?

(even tried using username@domain…still no go)

thanks for any help…

(god i hate frontpage)

Man, I can appreciate your pain! That said, all I can really contribute is the useless observation that “Such is the plight of FrontPage users on Non-Micros*ft servers.”

If your credentials are “known good”, and they are entered correctly, I have no idea what to tell you except what you already know … that FrontPage’s time (such as it was) is long since over, and that it is probably time to move on.

Maybe it’s for the best in the long run; solving this particular FrontPage related problem would likely only usher the next FrontPage related problem to the front of the line, perpetuating the never ending cycle of FrontPage related frustrations for you and your client.

Not much help there, to be sure, but it is an “honest” answer, and it’s the best I can do. :frowning: