Frontpage error

Im having problems getting mywebsite online.
I made it completely from front page.
I have the code monster dream host package.

In my control panel if I go to :
It says there :

"Frontpage Extensions

Enable Frontpage extensions

Internal Error: web server has no frontpage apaches?!
Please select a fully-hosted domain to enable Frontpage extensions on: "

Ive been told I need frontpage extensions and I thought my domain was fully hosted. What is going wrong? Why cant I enable frontpage extensions?


If you ever get an “Internal Error”… that’s something mis-configured on our side of things and you should contact support and let them know what the error was you got and what (exactly) you were doing when it came up!


“Frontpage error” is a good thread title, because using Frontpage for anything (except maybe doorstop or boat anchor) is certainly an error! :slight_smile:

– Dan

Now, now, dtobias - some people don’t want to learn all the complexities that HTML is. Believe me, I was once in his shoes, using only FP for making my sites!

But since I’m now in college doing an E-commerce degree, I have had to learn HTML as part of the degree. So cut the poor dude some slack, please…

it’s all a matter of perspective, from where Dan sists I’m sure that’s honest heartfelt best-advice-possible (I second that!). No slack to cut when giving good advice :slight_smile: