FrontPage changing directories

I published my website using FrontPage and the FTP program that FrontPage uses and uploaded to my home directory. How do I now move the files from my home directory to my domains directory?


I’m not sure, but you may be able to selecte your files, and drag and drop them into the folder. some FTP clients let you do this… don’t remember about front page.

If that doesn’t work it’s probably easiest to just delete your files, and upload them again into the proper directory.

There’s a way to move your files easly with telnet/ssh if you want to get into that… Let me know and I’ll explain further



I would think there would be a way to change your ftp program so your files get uploaded to your domain instead of the home directory. This would certainly save you a step in the future. If you are able to do this, you could just delete the uploaded files and reupload them. Other than that, I think Mattail is correct about having to use telnet.

Telnet is a very weak subject for me. Do you happen to have a link to all commands with small explaination that DH will accept? If not, maybe something you would like to add to the DH wiki.
Just a thought,

I don’t have a link, I’m afraid that for the most park it’s seconed nature now. For the most part any standard linux command will work here at dreamhost. as I recall a google search for linux commands will reveal some help.

Writing an article for the wiki sounds like fun - I’ll start working on that. Any sigguestions for paticulars to include?


Actually there’s allready some nice info on telnet/ssh in the wiki. ssh give some good background on ssh, and some program reccomendations. [rul=]unix commands[/url] gives a nice intro into basic helpful commands. [rul=] Fundamental unix commands[/url] is a nice list.

see if that doesn’t give a nice intro, or if you see it’s lacking in an area, let me know and I’ll see about adding that on.


Cool, will do. I am from the windows bunch, so unix commands are a little harder to grasp than anyone who has a unix system. I see some resemblence to DOS. But then that was years ago.
I just would like to learn more, so I can be more of a power user.
I am going to end this discusion with this post as I am more or less hijacking the thread. I will make a new thread if I have more questions, Thanks and my appologies.