FrontPage and MSWord

I have experience using FrontPage 98 and MSWord for creating and editing webpages. Are these programs good to use with DreamHost?

I also need to know if there are any Apple users out there and how DreamHost works for them.


Check out the kbase one this one.

There are a lot of Mac users that post of the forums. Do a search of the discussions and you can see what some of them have had to say.

Hi, I am an apple user, OS9 and OSX. The only problem I have seen with dreamhost is problems with using OS9 and IE. But, this is a persistant problem with IE and quite a bit of websites out there. I use Mozilla in OS9 and Camino in OSX…both have never had a problem with dreamhost. I highly recommend them.

Unfortunately, I have never used FrontPage, so can’t comment on that.


DreamHost works fine for me, running OS 10.3.7 any browser and FTP app you could name. Keep in mind that MacIE was discontinued three years ago and support officially dropped last year. There’s a reason why it’s the worst browser on Macs.

If the subject line of this thread were a clue on Jeopardy!, then the correct response would be, “What are two programs that really, truly suck for Web development?” :slight_smile:

– Dan

Yep, FP does truly suck, regardless of how well the user knows the software. But a lot of people don’t want the hassle of learning HTML. They need to focus on the website content rather than the code. So maybe it would be helpful to suggest a different, less evil software. …I saw something mentioned on these boards, but not sure what software works/is good on mac.


What you want is NVU. It’s technically still under development, but it’s close the final stages. It’s Open-Source, based off of Mozilla’s Composer, has very strong support for standards, cross-platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and is and will always be 100% free.

I’m just returning to Apple after 7 years due to work restrictions. I am “out of shape” when it comes to Apple. I will try Mozilla. Thanks.

I only know the basics of HTML so creating a form in HTML is way beyond me. I need to collect information from my union members, 550 people, and send them information that they sign up for. The site needs to be informational and dynamic. I’m not looking for an award in creativity. Functionality is what I’m looking for. I don’t want the info sent to me in my email. I need it to go directly into a file that I can either plant into a database or which will be a database in and of itself. NO time to open 550 emails.

I’ve just had my 4th child and work full time in addition to my union duties. Could you recommend a software that I could learn quickly to help me create a page that would do the above? I’ve seen other postings about NVU, but when I tried to download it for Mac I got jibberish.

Anything info you can give is much appreciated.

What operating system are you running?

I don’t have my laptop with me, but it is a brand new ibook G4. 1 month old. It should be running a very recent system software.

When you downloaded NVU, you selected the Mac OSX download, right? If it’s still gibberish, right -click (or control-click) the link and choose “save file(or link) as” or “download file(or link) as”.

Also, if you’re using Internet Explorer, switch to either Safari or Firefox. MacIE has a tendency to open .dmg files as gibberish. MacIE was also discontinued three years ago, and support was officially dropped last year.

If you still get the file as gibberish on a standards-compliant browser, maybe the site that’s sending it has a misconfigured server, and is sending it with the wrong MIME type.

– Dan

I highly doubt that. I haven no trouble downloading the Mac OSX .dmg file.

Maybe what you need is a CMS to manage your site. Learning curve to installing and using them too, of course. But once it’s up and running it’s pretty easy to maintain a lively, dynamic site.

Check out to see the possibilities, different options.

I’d suggest Mambo, Postnuke, XOOPS or Drupal as possible choices.

I use a Mac almost exclusively. I’ve had no trouble here at Dreamhost. Was able to download and use Nvu (nice simple web editor) too. Downloaded it with Safari. Of course, you can use the current Mozilla browser with Composer already built in too.

No, I just checked, and it actually is being served with the wrong MIME type:

In my browser (Mozilla Suite), it shows as gibberish on the screen, and the Page Info box shows that it’s served as MIME type “text/plain”, which means that the server is telling the browser that it’s plain text. Browsers that do anything with it other than display it as plain text are actually violating the HTTP standards.

– Dan

I downloaded the correct one. I’m working with a laptop and do not have a right click. Is there a keyboard shortcut on APPle that enables the PC right click features?

I also switched to Safari and tried downloading it from there and it timed out. I have to try again.

The Apple keyboard shortcut for right-click is control-click. In Safari, you can also option-click to immediately download the linked file.