Frontpage 2003 Navigation

My site is setup for use with Frontpage since that is the only way I know how to build a site. About two months ago I had to get my motherboard & both video cards replaced. I also had Windows XP reinstalled so solve some issues with it. Before then I had no trouble chaning the site’s navigation with Frontpage. Now when I try to change it I get this error:

An error occurred accessing your Windows SharePoint Services site files. Authors - if authoring against a Web server, please contact the Webmaster for the server’s Web site. WebMasters - please see the server’s application even log for more details.

I’ve not hand any changes made to the site Frontpage wise. I don’t publish my site. I build one page at a time on the site itself then add it to the navigation. How do I fix this so I get back to working on my site.

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