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I have been having a problem with my FrontPage 2000. When I copy and paste html code in the html view, it shows up as the entire html code on the normal view and in the preview rather than as it was intended to look. It has just occurred to me that this could be because I haven’t put FrontPage extensions in. The DreamHost webpanel says the FrontPage extensions can cause problems and recommends not putting them in unless they are needed. Could this be a case of when they are needed?? If I do need the extensions, now that I have done a lot of work on my page, is it too late to put the extensions in? Will I have to start all over? Thanks!

That can indeed be frustrating, but it is not the result of not having Fr*ntPage extensions installed on the DreamHost server. :wink:

Adding FrntPage extensions to your server won’t fix that problem; the problem is more related to the messed up way most Micrsoft products handle cut-n-paste when they think there is html involved.

Where are you “copying” from (what application) before you “paste”? Often you will find that you need to “copy as plain text” and “paste” unformatted" or “paste special” when dealing with FrontPage.

I abandoned my “tolerate-hate” relationship with Fr*ntPage years ago (actually, I guess it got to be more of a “hate-hate” relationship), but if I recall correctly, you can minimize that problem with judicious use of the copy and paste “special” options. Good Luck! :wink:


Hi rlparker,
Thanks for your reply. I should have searched a little before posting this (sorry, I know better but forgot because I’ve been posting at this forum a bit these past few days). If I had searched first, I would have seen that FrontPage doesn’t work well with Dreamhost. Too bad, I like a lot of things about Dreamhost, but I’m going to have to move on. I sure can’t afford to buy Dreamweaver for my simple webpage. I haven’t had these problems with FrontPage with other hosts.
Thanks for your help, anyway

You are welcome … good luck! :slight_smile:


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:slight_smile: Ha ha ha! You will get no argument from me on that! Your post reminded me of the classic, Real Programers (just one of many versions floating about).