From PHP to Curl...need help with Wordpress Plugin

Hey everyone!

I hope someone can help me with the following issue!

I get an error when using a Wordpress Plugin (which is supposed to import my images from the Typepad service so that they are hosted on Wordpress now).

The plugin is found here:

My problem is that “php_value allow_url_fopen 1” cannot be implemented with Dreamhost…so I’m getting an error message with the plug-in and I’m gathering this script needs to be converted to curl.

I’m such a novice…I have no idea where to begin?
Is there anyone who can convert this script or give me suggestions…pointers…direction?


I had a quick look at the script, and there appears to be some conditional logic that determines whether or not the resource is remote or local. If it is a remote resource, the script calls file_get_contents() to handle the image. This is the part of the script that will need to be adjusted to a cURL-based alternative.

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Thank you!
I’m wondering if anyone would be willing to help with this?
I can even pay a small amount via PayPal with help on this—
I run a dog rescue and I’m trying to transfer about 60 images from Typepad (in a hidden folder) into my Wordpress Blog.


Uhm I think I sent you my code on a private message. Have you received it?

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