FROM address when sending from SquirrelMail?

Good morning.

I have created a new shell-access user account, and specified an e-mail address for that user. The email username that I specified is different from the login user name. For example:

shell account user: bobmail
Associated e-mail address:

(I don’t want an “m123456789” mailbox; I am setting up this e-mail account as a shell user so I can run Procmail scripts.)

When I use the “Manage Email” tab in the Dreamhost panel, the following appears in the “Mailbox Login” combo box for

“Bob Somebody–Email (bobmail)”

When I send mail from SquirrelMail, the “From” header contains "" instead of my intended "".

Is there any way to fix this, or must mail from a shell user’s mailbox contain the shell user login name as the “From” address?


Squirrelmail setting.

Options > Personal Information

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Um…oh yeah, look at that…there’s an ‘options’ setting.

(OP hangs head in shame)


You’re just trying to make your new years resolution of “look smarter” for 2007 easier.


Well, the same strategy worked for me in '06. Why screw with success?