Friendly urls using forcetype in htaccess


I’ve been trying to lunch php file without the .php extension.
This is how my .htaccess file look like:

ForceType application/x-httpd-php

But it doesn’t work. It generates blank page.
What is wrong? How can I get it work?


AddHandler php-cgi .php
Action php-cgi /cgi-bin/php.cgi
ForceType php-cgi


just ran into this problem. funny thing is that it was working fine, then we installed word press and the forcetype started using PHP 4. Support came back and told us that the forcetype mime type of application/x-httpd-php is only mapped to PHP 4 and that for PHP 5 you will need to change the mime type mapping to php5-cgi

so use the force…

ForceType php5-cgi

Solved our issues.