Fresca down?

Can anyone access fresca or my sites ( or

I have been trying all this morning but no luck… And timeout for ping.


Nope, I can’t access those. My SQL server appears to be down now too, but my http server is still functioning.

can’t seem em here either. my sites all seem to be down as well.

hope everything’s alright

all of my sites (web, email, ftp, etc, etc) are down.


“We just had a drop in our network for about half our servers… if you can’t access your site or email now, please hold on… we are looking into it and will update this page as soon as we have more details…”

Damn, that sucks. It’s only a matter of time before angry customers come flooding in here now.

Not that I blame them, but it’s gonna get interesting. Wonder what the cause of the problem was.

Oh, didn’t see the post above mine. I can wait ;).

That’s quite a bit of network problems these two years… What happened??

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I must have joined at a really bad time, because frappe has been intermittantly slow since I joined up, and now it’s dead.

This really reminds me of the early days of Dreamhost when all of one servers backups that they made were all corrupt, and after 2 months time we finally got back some data, unfortunately for most of the people on that server it was nothing but directories filled with garbage.

But since this seems to be more then one server, I guess that shouldn’t happen this time around.

Hopefully they will all be back up soon.

Lol, I have been a member for a while and there has only been a few spots of downtime.

That’s good to know. I was referring to the really early days of dreamhost, don’t recall exactly what year that was but I’d have to imagine it was back somewhere in the 90’s.

It was enough problems at the time that we quit using them. I only joined again to host my mothers production company on here since I just shut down my own hosting service.

My site & MySQL is back! Woohoo.

Scratch that, it’s down again.


hopefully your site will be back soon. “mmoguides” catches my interest

edit: d’oh! nevermind the congrats then

woohoo! my sites are back. yours too mmoguides.

glad that’s over

Yeah i’m relieved. Back and faster then ever ;).