Frequent email outages


It seems in recent weeks email outages are almost becoming a daily occurance…

What is the deal?

When is this going to stop?

This cannot continue…


yes. this is brutal…
i’d rather the site go down than lose the email. wish we could get some assurances around here.


this has been an ongoing problem for more than 6 months. it’s completely absurd.

maybe instead of getting a ‘entertaining’ newsletter from josh, he could actually address how he plans on addressing this. i don’t care how many services or how much disk space they give us, it isn’t worth a damn if the email system is constantly breaking down.


I am total agreement. The last 6 mos have been really bad, and the last two weeks have been ridiculous. Now I’ve got the mail server tagged by spamcop, so many emails don’t go out.

The biggest insult is that they never explain anything. It’s always, “we’re working on it, and it’ll be fixed soon.” That tells me they’re white-knuckling it, barely holding on, just by the lack of information.

I can’t afford to have my email go out this often. When I get those jovial newsletters, I just roll my eyes.


We’ll be making an announcement soon, but starting tomorrow, ALL mail machines will start using mysql-based authentication. You should see an improvement to mail service stability from here on out. We’re truly sorry for all the trouble over the last six months, we know how much mail means to everybody.


(Rolls eyes as he watches the latest email outage pass the 1 hour mark)…

Increased stability…uh…yeah…right.


Count me in among the aggravated. This is weak.


Ugh, I’m normally a patient person, but this e-mail crap is really getting frustrating.

It’s horribly sad when I’d rather use gmail or hotmail or something free and webbased than the e-mail I PAY to have working. Seriously, Dreamhost, give up the massive bandwidth promotions and get to work actually fixing the systems that are more important or something.


“We’re truly sorry for all the trouble over the last six months, we know how much mail means to everybody.”

oh gee, you must be the most specialist hosting company in the whole wide world because YOU know how much email means to us… is this a freaking joke? seriously… you are a HOSTING COMPANY - you are SUPPOSED to know how much email means to us - that is why we PAY for the service.

here’s something you should know but apparently can care less about, the fact that i am paying A LOT of money for a service that i am not getting!

nothing like treating customers like idiots…


Wow, such a big change and all it gets is a post in the forum. Nothing on status.dreamhost… If you’re going to take such a vital system offline - heck, if you’re even going to touch a system that’s so important - give us warning first. It would be nice to be able to plan for such a thing. Finding out about it via post in the forum is very poor service. DH has set a pattern of minor changes taking the whole system down, so a warning even if you’re just going to work on a server next to this sort of system is not going overboard.

I haven’t had any email issues for a while, but now it’s been down for over an hour. So far this “upgrade” has decreased stability.


I have bitten my tongue as well for the last couple months, for I have always been a huge supporter of Dreamhost, and have referred them to many many clients. But these email issues have been a HUGE frustration for myself and all of my clients. If it would not be such a massive undertaking to move all domains, email accounts, mySQL db’s, webdav directories, subdomains, etc. to another hosting provider, I would absolutely do it. I’ve had it.

Like other posters on this thread, I too would trade the gigantic storage options for rock-solid email servers. If Dreamhost is working on expanding and upgrading… and it affects their users negatively on almost a daily basis… then they should have communicated this better and devised a better way to do it. The current state of affairs is unacceptable.

As I write this, my email application is blowing up with constant “enter your password” screens. My clients are pissed off and want to know what is going on. It’s literally bringing businesses to their knees.

If Dreamhost is truly building a more stable experience, my god… it better be watertight. If we put up with the last few months for an empty promise, I can assure you that your reputation will be tarnished and many of us out here will spread the word.


blikum, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been a DH customer since 1997 and I agree with you 100%.

I’ve got a new dedicated server configured (dual 2.8 xeon HT, RAID5…) and now a place to deploy for colocation. It will be the first dedicated server we’ve setup for ourselves. The cost of it is more than worth it when compared to the issues DH is causing me.


I’ve been a customer for 3 years and can’t take this anymore.

Anybody have a reccomendation for a liferaft host?


:::Nods in agreement:::

Count me as one more who wants no more bandwidth, no more one-click installs, no more anything until this downtime is addressed.

I too am a long-time DH customer and it would be a huge PITA to move, but I’ve already started heading that way with a test account at another host.

It’s not gonna take much more to persuade me to bite the bullet and just move everything.


Glad to hear voices of agreement out there, bummer that we have to have the voices at all.

jkish, I’ve used a number of hosting providers in the past. They were all pretty similar and stable but lacked any good management tools. So I switched to Dreamhost for their controls and ease-of-use. But now, I would gladly trade it all for a scaled-down bare bones admin panel, half the storage/bandwidth and near-flawless servers.

I’ll refrain from naming names, but there’s plenty of resources out there to find a reliable provider.

DH, you listening?


Yes I am another user who can’t seem to get through a day without losing email for at least a couple of hours. I’ve been with Dreamhost now for about 3 months and the web site has been very reliable as far as I can tell but the email has been terrible during this time. It seems crazy that I have to use Yahoo or Gmail to have reliable email and like others I don’t care about extra bandwidth that I’ll never use but I do want consistently reliable email.