Frequent connection refused via SSH


Is anyone regularly getting IP blocked via SSH?
I’m either SSHing directly through a shell, or uploading files via Netbean IDE and I get kicked out and then get ‘connect refused’ when I try SSH back in. I have to keep bouncing around from VPN point to VPN point to get a new IP to re-connect

Is this happening to anyone else?


Maybe your use of VPNs are the issue. Many get blocked due to a history of misuse.


I don’t think it’s the issue as it’s my ISP IP that gets blocked first.
Then I either have to wait an hour for it to unblock, or jump onto a VPN so that I have a different IP. The VPNs wouldn’t be needed if my own IP wasn’t getting blocked in the first place, so that says to me that there’s an issue outside of VPNs.

When I’m trying to upload something I don’t really have the option to wait for an hour and try again.


Can’t remember exactly where, but these attempts are tallied and reach a limit. It may be necessary to delete them to start fresh again.


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