I’m trying to get FreeBSD and (pfSense which is based on pfSense) into Dreamcloud.
I’m running into a couple of issues.
First off, the Instance Console doesn’t seem to work for me in Firefox 45.0.2 or Chrome 50.0.2261.75.
In chrome I seem to get "Failed to connect to server (code: 1006)"
In firefox I’ve been getting 504 Failed to connect to gateway errors.

Should I expect this to work?

I’ve used FreeBSD with vmware, Amazon ec2, KVM, Virtual box, and FreeBSDs byhve virtualization.
I’ve tried importing pre-built images into Dreamcloud, but Create Images with File Location (remote url) just lists image import as queued, even though I know the website is up, publicly available. I can’t even import an ISO image.

I have managed to upload a File image from my local client, (both ISO and pre-build VM images), but without the console I can’t easily tweak the images.
In theory this image should just work:
Although .xz compression is not listed as supported.


I’ll try to give you some pointers to get you on the right path… these two blog posts will give you an overview of how the Cloud team builds images for DreamCompute:

This document should give you more details specifically about building a FreeBSD image:

Keep in mind that DreamCompute requires images in RAW format.

Regarding the console issue, I think it’s a known issue the team is trying to fix. Try putting the console in full screen and see if that workaround does the trick.


ditto here … same issues on exact same browsers. I’m currently using PAC Manager to manage my instance from an Ubuntu workstation.


Sorry for the issues with the console. This has been fixed, so if you try again you should be able to do what you wanted to.


The console works if a use it in “full screen” mode now. Thanks.
FreeBSD installed fine from the console, although
doesn’t seem to be able to access the API. Probably some configuration difference between Dreamhost and other openstack setups.


One thing you’ll want to note is that we’re using config drive rather than the metadata server. Here’s more info on that