Free Website using domain from Dreamhost

I created a free website and chose the option to use my domain instead of the domain from the free website. I followed the directions given to me from Dreamhost rep and from the free site. My intentions were to only have the free site 'Point" at my domain that is hosted by Dreamhost. Following the instructions given has caused me to lose my access to webmail…and now I am freaking out and when you search the domain, the place holder that was uploaded to the WebFTP via Dreanmhost panel is still there; and my site I created is NOT live online although the free site has confirmed all changes were made.

1.) Can I just point without doing a DNS change? (not sure if jargon is correct)
2.) What do I do about my lost email and can I get it back? (Even if that means coming back to Dreamhost as hosting)
3.) Did I need to remove the file that was in the Web FTP before doing the DNS change? (the rep should have told me that if that was the case).

Any suggestions?