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Suggestions from my post in May go unanswered in this ( forum thread “Account privileges and webids” ) perhaps elsewhere? , the wiki suggestions don’t work : ( wiki )

I’ve already granted (email address) access to the relevant domain, I’m curious how to get them logged into the panel so that they may collectively use the administration and mailing list functions.

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They log into the panel with their email address (the one you used when you granted them access to the relevant domain) and their password. Essentially, this email address serves the function of the “WebID”. I agree, it is not very clear, and the old WebID usage is still scattered about the documnentation in various places.

That said, you will find that if they login to the Web Panel with the email address and password which you granted access to a given domain to, they can simply go to Mail -> Announce List/Discussion Lists and create list for the domain for which they have been granted access.

Further down the page where you granted them (by email address) access to the relevant domain, you could have also granted them access to some, or all, or the administrative functions of your account (including existing and future mailing lists - it looks like there is a typo in the panel text, as “future” is omitted there) at the time when when granted them access to the domain.

If you did not do that at that time, you can add additional privileges from the COntrol Panel -> Users -> Account Privileges screen by selecting the "Edit privileges for " link you will find immediately below the list of presently granted privileges for that user.

You will then be presented with a screen that allows you to grant them other administration privileges, including the ability to “post” to existing mailing list(s).


Did a search and found this.

Wondering how long it takes to setup an existing user with privileges. I just set one up, the screen went back to the default Acct Privileges screen. No message. No email to either of us. No “Success!—” What does this tell me or how long should this take?

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In my experience is has only taken a few minutes (less than 5) when granting privileges to an existing user - creating a new user via this process has taken considerably longer (I’ve had it take a full 24 hours or so).

You can check the status by either confirming the user’s status from that privileges screen in the control panel or by simply loggin out of the control panel and logging in as that user and exploring.