Free unique ip

I’m going to transfer my domains on DH and I got some questions:

  • The unique ip addres included with some promo code is for life?
  • If i host 2 different domains on a account and I want https on both account with self-signed cert, can I use the same ip for both domains? (or i need to buy 2 unique ip?)
  • if previous answer is no, if I assign the promotional free unique ip address to a domain, later can I disable it from that domain and switch it to another domain, obviously on the same account? (without to pay for it)

Thank you for your consideration of this matter!

  • They’re “free for life”.

  • You’ll want one IP per domain.

  • Contact Support to move the unique IP between domains.

  • You can get signed certificates directly from DreamHost for $15 a year :wink:

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Sounds good!