Free trial and $49.95 setup fee


As I understand it, upon signing up for DreamHost I would be given a two week free trial. If I choose to register a domain upon sign-up and I cancel my account before the 14-day free trial expires then I am only charged the $9.95 registration fee for my domain.

Then there is a $49.95 setup fee that is described as being charged to all new monthly accounts.

If I sign up for DreamHost and decide that I don’t want to stick with the service and cancel before the 14-day free trial is up, will I still pay the $49.95 setup fee? Will it be charged to my credit card when I sign up and then refunded, or will it not be charged to my card at all?


i recommend finding someone’s promo code that gives the max discount when you sign up yearly (which has no setup fee). you can get away with paying around what was it 20ish i think for the entire year. the next year you pay full price though which is over a hundred bucks. once i signed up for dh some years ago i never looked back. i don’t know a max discount promo code and i’m too lazy to make one. i’m sure someone will chime in eventually if you are interested.


Also keep in mind that a yearly plan doesn’t have the setup fee, is $1 less per month, and can be cancelled at any point for a pro-rated refund. Unless there’s some reason you can’t spend $119.40 (the yearly fee) all at once, signing up for the yearly plan will save you quite a bit of money.


The promo code 777 normally works and if you use it with a one-year plan, you’ll only pay the price of the domain. It’s an ongoing code from what I can see and I used it in May 2010 and signed up for 2 years (for the price of one).