Free IP Promo code?


If I sign up with a promo code that gives me an extra free domain, and a free IP, is that free IP just free for the 1 year term I sign up for, or is it free for life like the extra domain? Thanks for your time,



Free for the lifetime of your account. What happens is each year your account is automatically credited with the expense of the free domain and the free IP, so in effect you don’t have to pay any ca$h out of your own pocket.

The promocode SXIFREEIPDOM gives these benefits.

There are, of course, many others and they will be spammed all over this thread post-haste :wink:

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I’d just like to make it clear to the OP that “credited with the expense” is not a dollar credit to your account. You just get an additional domain registration for free each year and the first unique IP that you have on your account is free. If you don’t use these benefits, you don’t get any money back nor do you get credits that you can use to lower the cost of your hosting.

Oh no, I have a great deal of confidence in the ethics of the posters here to abide by the rules set down by Dreamhost about not posting promo codes here except in our signatures!

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I’ve read something like that before, but am yet to find any rules anywhere.

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Thanks both of you for your replies :slight_smile: For the domain that’s ‘free for life’ if for some reason a year or two down the road I need to move hosting providers, I can take it with me right? Obviously at that point I’d need to start paying for it to be renewed each year, but due to it being registered as a ‘free’ domain through dreamhost, it doesn’t become property of dreamhost does it? Thanks again for your help!


You got it. It’s yours even when you leave - as long as you pay for it.

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I doubt that you will find a nice lean set of rules for these forums, but there are rules that are part of the Rewards program… What has been said, repeatedly, is that promo-code spamming will not be tolerated, on the internet as a whole, or on these forums or the DH Wiki.

Jeff, from the DreamHost abuse department, has
said most recently

“It is absolutely unacceptable to:

5. Spamming forums - including our own - in order to lure prospective Dreamhost customers to your site in order to obtain Rewards using thinly veiled promotional techniques.”

Over time, and much discussion (some of which has been very heated), it appears to have evolved that a promo code/link in a sig only, on a post that has a legitimate purpose other than to post the link, is acceptable.

Linkspamming in the forum as a promotional technique to drive traffic to your site has also resulted in post being deleted by Dreamhost. Note that some of the most prolonged flamefests on these forums have arisen from this whole topic (and going back many years)!