Free email with POP3 access

I’m trying to get Postie to work with my Dreamhost installation of Wordprss 2.2. The problem is the Dreamhost webmail only supports IMAP and the PHP IMAP support isn’t available. Recompiling my own PHP install is out of the question for me.

So all I am looking for is a free pop3 email account that will let me authenticate over port 110. All I’m going to use this for is sending picture from my mobile phone to my Wordpress blog. Any suggestions?

Well the Postie site says it supports POP3 so it should work.

I’m confused. What exactly is the problem? I don’t see why one needs a webmail client to use Postie, much less one that does POP3 instead of IMAP. As for compiling PHP with IMAP, it shouldn’t be necessary given that Postie supports POP3.

POP3 is a protocol, not a type of email account. That said DreamHost email accounts can be accessed using either IMAP or POP3. Have you tried using Postie to access a DreamHost email account using POP3?

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Postie supports POP3, IMAP, POP3 SSL, and IMAP SSL but the last three require php-imap support which Dreamhost doesn’t include without recompiling your own PHP install. So i’m stuck with regular POP3.

If you look at this article in the DreamHost wiki it notes the webmail uses IMAP and not POP ->

"Have you tried using Postie to access a DreamHost email account using POP3?"
Yes and the authentication fails. After entering my and login credentials into Postie I get the following message after manually executing the program:
“There does not seem to be any new mail.”

Weird, because there is new mail in there. After digging around I found the following about this problem:

“One possibility is the mail server refuses connections that attempt to provide an unencrypted password - like POP3.If your webserver and email server are on the same physical computer you can specify localhost or as the mail server. That traffic is assumed to be OK without encryption because it never traveled across the network.”

I tried specifying the localhost for my mail server but that didn’t work. Is my email server on the same physical computer as my web server?

So after all that, I figured if I could find an email account that I can authenticate over port 110 then I would be good to go. hence this post.

My mistake.

Everything works fine, I didn’t include the part to the user ID so it wasn’t working right.

Very simple oversight. I’ll write up some instructions to walk Dreamhost users step by step for setting up Postie. Thanks.

I have written a step by step guide to getting Postie up and running using DreamHost ->

Any further questions can be addressed to the comment section of my blog.

why not put it in the wiki instead?