Free Dreamhost Domain Hosted Elsewhere?

I have a domain I set up as a freebie here at DH. Because Dreamhost doesn’t support certain features I want to use the domain for, I decided to point its nameservers to my other web hosting account.

Can I now DELETE the domain from my DH panel? Or should I leave it be?

One problem is that I set up a subdomain before I realized my application wasn’t going to work properly. I deleted the subdomain, but apparently it’s not resolved yet because when I set up the subdomain at the new web host it says “Not Found.”

Just wondering. I deleted the subdomain yesterday very late in the evening, but it looks like the domain itself is now pointing to the new web host because the IP address matches and I can click on it directly from my WHM Cpanel.

Thanks for any help. The DH Panel is a bit confusing when you’re used to Cpanel.

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