Free domain

I bought the hosting plan that came with the free domain years ago, but I no longer like the name I used for the free domain. Is there a way to change the name of the domain? Can I make one of my other DreamHost registered domains the free one?

Every year, you get a $9.95 credit you can use for your “free” domain. As soon as you hit the one year mark, you can apply that credit for another domain.


Don’t forget to let your existing domain expire via DH panel --> Domains --> Registration

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Hi Scott:

I’ve been a DH customer for 5 1/2 years but never used my “free” domain yet. Now I’m thinking of using it and was wondering whether it was free for as long as I want/use the domain, or only for the first year.

If I’m reading your comment below correctly, it’s free every year, but I’m wondering if the “credit” is applied automatically, or whether it has to be applied manually each year, and whether I’ll receive a reminder email from DH that it needs to be applied by me.

Thanks in advance.

Miss B

It’s automatic. If you have your domains set to renew automatically, one of them will simply be renewed at no charge every year.

Thanks for the quick reply Andrew. :wink: