Free domain?

I wonder if I sign up for 1 month of L1 plus $49.95 set up fee, I get free domain. If let’s say I want to cancel within 1 months. What happens? Do you refund my $9.9 and do I still keep my free domain? :slight_smile:

Why would you do such a thing? :open_mouth: With all the “$97 off” promo codes tossed around, using one of those and signing up for a year would cost less than half of what signing up for a month and paying a setup fee would cost! :slight_smile: .

If you did that, and decided after a month you did not want to continue hosting, you could get your “97 day refund” (some payment conditions apply - read the sign-up/guarantee information carefully - minus the $9.95 for the domain (it is “free” while you continue your hosting) and you could keep the domain. Much better deal! :wink:


I have this guy who is giving “free domains” for his blog review. On his blog he never mentioned that I have to sign up and pay usd9.9 and then within 1st month cancel this. Then he sends me usd10 via paypal.

So I don’t want to get nailed or sth, just checking out with you.

Here’s a cut from his email:

thank for your review, and i would like to give you a free domain.
Do you have google checkout and credit or debit card?

due to i tie up an agreement with a domain seller, i will require u to
purchase that domain with your google checkout, after all the transaction
done, i will send u USD10 at paypal. I will keep my promise

So please advice is this possible?
Thank you!

Hey anything is possible. I never cease to be amazed at the lengths to which some will go to manipulate an affiliate program, but you should RUN, don’t walk, away from this nonsense!

What is the link to this blog? I’d love to check out exactly what this guy is doing. Is this “offer” on his blog, or did you receive it via email? :open_mouth:

Here is how a legitimate “no hoops” sign-up with DreamHost would work for you:

  1. Sign-up for a level 1 plan using a $97 promo code.

  2. Make sure you pay with a method that gets you the full promo discount, and allows you a full “97 day guarantee” (read carefuylly). A free domain comes with the signup, and remains “free” to you as long as you continue your hosting service.

  3. You will have a “raw total” of $119.40 “due” before the promo code discount - after the $97 discount, you will have a “balance due” of $22.40 - which buys you a free domain and a years worth of level 1 hosting.

If you want to leave within the first 97 days, you will be refunded what you paid minus a $9.95 charge for the domain (which you now are the registrant of).

There is no need at all to participate in whatever this guy is offering you, even if all you want is the domain name.


From what I remembered, the free domain $9.95 is not refundable.

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I want to clarify something with the OP before directly answering his specific question despite my reservations that this is a “scheme”.

According to this blogger, are the steps that you’re supposed to take:

  1. Sign up at DreamHost with his promo code. Register a domain.
  2. Cancel the hosting account.
  3. Apply with him or her for a $10 refund.

In order to help figure out exactly what’s going on here, would you tell us what discount is supposed to be provided by the promo code? If you tell us the promo code, we’ll be able to find out exactly what discounts are provided by it. This will help us determine what happens regarding the $50 signup fee on montly accounts.

At any rate, here’s the DreamHost page describing the terms of their money-back guarantee. The limitations are:

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