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I already have a DH account, I decided to wait and get the free domain later, if I now decide to get the free domain now, can I ever change the name of the domain for free?

So… lets say I originally register the domain:
and I soon decide that I don’t like that name, or it no longer fits the site, can I change it to maybe:

I hope this makes sense


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As Simon says, the answer is , “no”, but you can let that domain expire (by failing to renew it) at which point you will still have the ability to register one domain for free as long as you host with DH - then you can pick a new name.

That said, it’s better to pick a good one, and keep it. :wink:


What I was planning on doing, was to just give the domain away to someone, and when they stopped using it, give it to someone else. The person would probably use there name in the domain, so that is why I wanted to do that.

Another question:
If I created a domain, then gave out sub domains for free will I be able to have PHP create the sub domain? Or how can I do that?

Subdomains cannot be automated in the way you wish. You can only create subdomains in the Control Panel (Manage Domains).

Simon’s website
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I had the idea before. But we don’t have the righth to check DNS records in DNS server. We can’t achieve it with PHP.

The only way is as what scjessey said. do it in DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains

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Technically it’s possible, but it’s a pain. You’d have to write a script which logs in to your control panel as if it’s you and does the setup for you. Unless you’re going to be giving out tons of subdomains every day, I can’t imagine going to the trouble to automate the process.

A while ago when I ran Jabber, I wrote a script which used that technique to automatically set up a chat account for every new user who registered at my site. It worked, but I would have preferred a more elegant solution. (And before anyone asks, sorry, but I can’t share the script. I don’t use it anymore and don’t have any copies.)