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i have the My Crazy Domain Insane plan, and i just renew it 2 days ago, and when i bought it, it came with a free domain.
and since my domain is expiring in a month, so i went to Domain Registrations page, and click on Renew, i thought it would just come with the plan, but now it says, i’ll have to pay for the domian.


so is the free domain only come for a year?


Contact sales. I had the same question, somewhat. I extended my plan another year shortly after purchasing it. Here’s the reply I got (and I don’t think it’s accurate):

as long as you renew your hosting with Dreamhost, the domain will be
free. To renew your domain, please go login to your Webpanel, then go to
Domains > Manage Domains.





The domain is free with the life of the plan. It should renew for you, if you click in the Panel > Domains > registration area to renew now.

–Matttail - personal website


That’s our concern; it’s not renewing for us. When we go to that section, it shows an expiration date, and a price to renew. There’s nothing to indicate that the renewal is free, and clicking on renew brings up a dialog box that implies that the charge will go through once clicked.

My plan expires in mid-2008, but my domain registration expires in early 2007. I haven’t gotten around to getting on their case about updating the expiration date of my registration.



yeah, i went to renew, but it’s telling me
Current Balance: -$9.95

so, the domain is not free?
that’s what i don’t know


If the domain name is up for renewal then it should be free, however if you wish to have the domain name for more than 1 year then you pay for the additional years, only because it is not up for renewal. In a sense DreamHost will pay for only 1 year at a time.
It is also possible to change your settings to have it automatically renew your free domain name when it becomes due.
If your domain name was up for renewal and you had to pay, you should contact Dreamhost and find out from them, after all they are the only ones who know if registration will be changing.


So for the ‘free’ domain registration it would be best just to set it to auto-renew and forget about it? It should renew (without cost) each time it is due for renewal?


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does that mean now i have to pay extra for the domain?


Possibly, since you ‘extended’ the registration by an extra year, when strictly speaking it wasn’t required.

I guess the good thing is that it’s only $9.95 :slight_smile: If the $9.95 concerns you, it might pay to contact support and outline the situation, they might be able to help you out.


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