Free domain with signup

Worst case scenario: if I have to leave DreamHost for some crazy reason after my plan expires, is there a cost to keep the free domain name that came with the account? If so, what would that be? Can it be transferred to another registrar, or will there be fees paid continually to DH?

(This is a hypothetical situation…it looks like DH is awesome and I’m going to sign up. I don’t plan on leaving, but just trying to cover my bases b/c I don’t want to lose the domain I’m signing up for :wink:

It could be transfered to another registrar. Basically, the only thing you’d lose is the “free” part (as DreamHost is also paying for the yearly renewals).

Always register domain names with, even if the host provides a free one. That way you will always have control of your domain name.

I registered my free domain name with DreamHost, and I have complete control over my domain name.