Free domain stopped working

heya, i signed up with DH 12 hours ago and i registered the free domain

i could view it and ftp into it and everything looked good. then i transfered a second doman to the DH name servers and it started working within hours.

when i arrived home from work i setup my email accounts and then found that the domain had stopped working. after looking around the DH control panel I spotted the “Active Domain” list. from looking at it, it seems that i can only pick one of the two domains to have the little blue arrow next to it. i thought at first that it was a way of selecting which domain to manage but i thought i’d better ask.

i may be confusing myself but does anyone have any ideas why i might be having this problem?

Hmm I don’t think that’s the case. I only have one domain listed under Active Domains( but my other domain ( is working just fine. Only your main one shows up in active domains. Have you looked at domains==>manage domains and looked at it. It will show which domains have which sort of service(fully, mirror, redirect etc). I haven’t registered any of my domains through DH, however. I register domains apart from my hosting ALWAYS should some sort of problem arise so my names won’t be held hostage.

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Hi Nasty Hobbit

I am also new to DH and had a similar experience just yesterday. I moved our Forum to DH and it worked fine for about 7 hours then suddenly appeared as if the Name Servers were not directed to DH anymore. I asked support about it and by the time they replied a few hours later it was all working again. It seemed for some reason the Name Server got mixed up, but if you wait awhile it might just resolve on it’s own as mine did.

This may or may not be a factor in what you’re seeing, but I thought I’d relate my experience anyway just in case it’s what’s happening to you.

About a year and a half ago I moved a domain from another host to DH. After changing the nameserver info, for about a day and a half the site would sometimes resolve to DH but sometimes would resolve to my old host. It turns out that my ISP’s DNS servers weren’t in sync–one didn’t update to the new info for a day or so after the other one did. So in that case it was purely an issue with my ISP and waiting for things to propagate.

I just tried your site and it came up for me–if you’re still not seeing it, just give it a little more time.

BTW, I think the active domain thing is supposed to have to do with which domain you’re managing at the moment–but I never change it and it’s never caused me any problems managing things in the panel.

Seems to be working for me. I got an under contruction page for Jomni designs. If it’s still not working for you, you should try clearnign out your cache and internet history, then try loading up the page agian.


Yes, it’s working for me also, I see the same page matttail does. This sounds very much like what happened to my domain just yesterday. After a few hours when the domain name servers finished updating over the internet it was fine again.

heya, i had another look (24 hrs later) and both domains appear to be working now. it had me worried because last night i swapped my ISP nameservers to the DH ones and still couldnt see the domain.

thanks for the responses :wink:

Most DNS services take 12-48 hours to propagate throughout the internet. (Unless you have a service like )
So if you just signed up for your account today, don’t expect all the domains to propagate nicely the first few days. After the second day everything should be working smoothley.

Same goes for adding new domains and new subdomains to your account, they will take 12-48 hours to propagate.