Free domain rego included in the plans

First of all, happy new year to everyone.

I have a couple of questions relating to the free domain registration included in DH’s hosting plans.

  1. Under whose name is the free domain–included in the hosting plan–registered? If I ever need to leave DH, can I take with me the free domain?

  2. Let’s say I currently have 3 domains linked to my hosting plan (CDI):; the .com/net I pay for and the .org domain is the freebie. Would it be possible to swap the free domain with one of the other two that I have to pay for? (i.e. switch the freebie from to Keep all 3 domains registered, and just change the party responsible for paying)

Many thanks in anticipation,

  1. The domain will be registered under your name. You can take it with you wherever you go (as long as you renew it every year).

  2. I’m not sure. You’ll probably have to contact support, or maybe one of the gurus here knows.

Many thanks, MacManX for your help!
Regarding question 2, judging from the response given by TorbenGB in the “Change free domain” thread, a switch is not possible. This is not an issue now that I know I own the free domain and can take it with me if I ever need to leave DH–of course, I hope leaving DH won’t ever be necessary! :slight_smile:

Hopefully leaving DH will never be necessary for any of us. You just have to remember that sometimes unfortunate things happen. Quite often, people move hosting companies because they ran into one instance of unexpected downtime and, “It should not have happened to me.” Of course, these are the individuals who change hosts every six months. May they find themselves at peace one day.

(Sorry for that little rant, just a pet-peeve of mine.)

Yes marsbar, I still think that the freebie registration is a one-timer and that once you use it, it’s gone and you can’t get it back or trade it for something else.

Also, keep in mind that it’s just the registration and renewal that DH gives you for free. They’re paying your bill, so to speak, but it’s still your bill with your name on it, so it’s yours to keep for as long as you wish.

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Many thanks, TorbenGB, for the clarification. :slight_smile:

No worries, MacManX; I do not have unrealistic expectations of how far USD9.95 can stretch! I have been with DH for over a year, and I hope to stick with them for many more years.
marsbar (happy DHoster)

I totally agree with you guys. 10 dollars doesn’t get you quantity, but it does get you quality, which is something the fly by nighters may not realize. In their defense, however, I imagine that they are probably coming from some rather crappy webhosters. At CyberPixels I had just about everything you can imagine a webhoster offering. I paid 7 dollars for registration and 6 bucks a month. It was great! I left momentarily then decided to sign back with them, but I’m waiting three weeks–right now–just for set-up. I can’t even get my refund because they haven’t even set the stupid thing up, yet.
So…just remember, guys, that some of us don’t know what it’s like to have dependable service. Some of us expect to pay 5 bucks and get great service, imagine that? However, I’ve learned the two don’t always go hand in hand.

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I think the included domain registration is per year the account is paid for, so you could switch what domain DH pays for, but not until the next year.

When you sign up for your free domain of mydomain2005dotcom, you don’t have to pay for it. If next year rolls around and you decide you don’t want that to be your freebie, you could talk to DH and have mydomain2006dotcom be the includeded domain.