Free domain registration no longer available?


Up until a few weeks ago, I noticed that a free domain name registration was included on selected plans. Has that been discontinued? If so, why? Because it seems that it would be a great way to bring in new customers through the Rewards program as an incentive. I would actively promote the Dreamhost through the Rewards program if something like this was available again. The free month for college students is ok, but that is such a small segment of the population, and many college students I know use free servers or their school servers for personal pages, etc…

If it is still going on, (the free domain name registration) is there a mention of it on the redesigned page?



Hi JJ,

That promotion did end a while ago (I think the end of April) actually… sorry!

If you contact and let them know you were thinking about signing up back when we had that promo, I’m sure they’d be more than happy to work out something good for you though!


Do you know if they will offer that as a promo again? It seemed like a really great way to bring in new customers especially when you combine it with the free domain parking and free email for new customers. I know that there are about 12 or 13 people that I am interested in referring, and what got them interested originally was the free domain name registration. They are close to having their domains expire and are also looking for new hosts. Just wondering if someone could mention that to the marketing department because it seems that promotion would go alot further than the free month for college students promo that DH has right now. There are just more people that need domain names than there are college students interested in a free month of hosting.

Since most of these 12 people are interested in packages in the Code Warrior-range, DH would come out ahead because instead of giving up a $34-$60 month of hosting, DH would only have to give up a domain registration which would likely be cheaper depending on the registrar that DH is using.

Just a suggestion…I think it makes good marketing sense and would help customers refer new customers.


For me, the free domain registration is problematic, since we don’t get to choose the registrar, etc.

It’d be nice if you guys would offer a choice of another incentive – if you reinstate the program.



That is a great idea, Bob…maybe offer new customers the option of a free domain registration or the hosting of one additional domain for one year on signup. This would allow people to choose their own registrar if they like and allow those with no preference to take advantage of, what I think, is one of the best ways to bring in new hosting customers. The person just entering the world of hosting is often someone who has either just registered a domain, or is preparing to register a domain.

Not to harp on the college student thing, but it seemed like a good temporary promo, but the domain thing is just more relevant and appeals to a much larger group of potential customers. Besides, college students aren’t known for having large disposable incomes anyway! :slight_smile: I know from experience!