Free domain question

I already have a domain name. If I sign up here, can I wait on choosing my free domain name or do I have to pick at registration? Thanks

You can wait. You could also use the “free” one to extend the registration on your current domain.

Or you could wait and use the “free” one to extend the registration on your current domain later.


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You don’t have to take the free domain straight away, you can choose to redeem it at any time. You can choose to move your current domain over if you want or just take a free subdomain initially.

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Another points to note is that if you had not yet used your free domain, you can ask for full refund if you use credit card payment. If you had used it (register new one or extend your old one), 9.95 will be deduced from your refund and your registered / extended domain remain as your property.

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Essentially how it works with DH is you get a free domain “voucher” which you redeem for free hosting. Every year, you receive another voucher for a free domain, which you use to extend the one you’ve already registered.

All-in-all, it’s a pretty good system.

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Thanks for the quick responses.

This forum is very active. Even sometimes you’ll get response within just 2-5 munites. And everyone here are very happy helping each other and also strangers like you. However, if you’ve decided to sign up with DH then take my(our) warm welcome in advance :slight_smile:

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so say i sign up for a hosting and already have a domain name of my own, when it expires, how do i transfer it to dreamhost??

say i sign up now before it expires, and add the domain to dreamhost, start operating my site then when i transfer it to dreamhost, will it affect my hosting

Transfer and extend; don’t let it expire. You can have all combinations of domain registered here or there, and hosting here or there. You have to set the domain to “point” to the right place. It’s easy when registered here, and at some other registrars. The easiest is to have everything here. :slight_smile:
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