Free domain promo Qs?

Hi there,

New to forum. I have a few questions about the “free domain” promo being offered from time to time here…

  1. Are renewals also free, i.e. once the domain is due for expiry the renewal is automatically also free?

  2. Are sub-domains also free, as in,, or

  3. How do I know if I have indeed received the free domain discount?

  4. Do I need a credit card or some proof of financial record to acquire a free one?

  5. Are international TLDs and less common domains like .tv, .me, and .us also free, or just the major ones like .com, .net, and .org?

I don’t think I’ll need any hosting package as of yet because what I’m planning to do is transfer a freely hosted site (like a Google Blogger, or Tumblr).

Any answers would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

You may renew one domain a year at no charge.

The only sub-domain you listed here is, but yes you can have an unlimited number at no additional charge.

When you go to renew a domain if you have a free credit coming the dropdown for length of renewal will say “1 yr --$0.00” if you don’t have a free credit you will see "1 yr - $9.95

yes. During the 14 day free trial period if you register a domain you will have to pay for it at the time of registration, and get credit for it at the end of the 2 week free trial.

FWIW-dreamhost has a fraud detection system, one of the checks used is that your payment method is valid.

I don’t know exactly how this is handled, but does say the free domain registration has a value of $9.95, so it appear that the international tld’s would not be included.

Yes — to be exact, you get one free domain “action” (registration, renewal, or transfer in) per year with a paid hosting plan. Most people use this to register a domain when they sign up and renew it every year after that, but there’s nothing to keep you from (for instance) registering a new domain every year and letting it expire.

Always. They don’t cost us anything to create, so we don’t charge you anything to use them.

The DreamHost Panel will make you pay for the domain if it’s not free.

Yes, you’ll need to have a paid hosting plan active to get a free domain.

Just the major ones. We do offer some international domains (see for a list), but they’re paid only.

Note that, as I mentioned above, the domain registration is only free with a paid hosting plan. If you don’t need hosting for now, an “a la carte” domain registration is $9.95/year.