Free domain name?

I heard getting a free domain name on DreamHost was possible.
Can someone please tell me how this works?

you get a free domain name when you sign up for a plan. Check out the Comparsionpage (afiliate link) for more details.

(afiliate link means I will get credit if you follow that link and sign up, if you don’t want that, just remove the r.cgi?hartsdiv from the link and you’ll get the page without the afiliate part.)


If you don’t need a free domain name at the time (e.g. you already have an existing one to transfer and no plans for a second one) that’s ok too as DH will remember this for later when you are ready to register a second domain name, and that one will be free.


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It should also be mentioned that the initial free domain registration is free for the life of the hosting, as long as the plan remains active.


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