Free alternatives to Google Apps for email

Hello all,

Can anyone recommend alternatives to Google Apps for managing website email, which provide the flexibility of a cloud-based client and expand on the capabilities of SquirrelMail?

I see Dreamhost provides robust support for Google Apps integration. And it is a very appealing solution in terms of features. I’d just rather find a cheaper alternative if one exists. Particularly when I only need email features and not the additional services Google provides like cloud storage and calendars.

Above all else it’s the ability to use a web client to edit emails in a rich manner I most desire.


Ah, there would seem to be a way to send and receive your Dreamhost mail via Gmail:

If dreamhost mail is sufficient for your needs, but you just don’t like squirrelmail you can use roundcube instead. If you have a dreamhost account using squirrel now you can take roundcube for a testdrive, try going to and logging in with your FULL email address for User and then your regular email password. If you like roundcube you can make that your default in the dreamhost panel.

Thanks, LakeRat. Based on a cursory examination I do like the Roundcube interface. I shall investigate this further.

I have, in the not too distant past, merged Roundcube with OwnCloud and had a very nice google-apps like interface that had:


I then (accidentally) destroyed it completely when I was working on another project in the same folder…so I have no screen-shots. It was really quite lovley though