after asking quite a few questions in DH’s forum
i signed up for a hosting yesterday afternoon
then again, i submitted a support ticket to ask when will my hosting be ready and so on…

but today morning i got a reply, saying that some fraud detection thing…

heres how i used to pay my payments…
i’m using a non-us issued credit card
the card was VISA if i wasn’t wrong (VISA is acceptable by DH)
i filled with the correct number, correct expiry date, correct name on card
the card was issued in taiwan, so the on card name was in Chinese
but i filled the english name on passport, which is a correct translation of the chinese name
i wasn’t sure if the address i filled was the same as the bank’s record for the card

so did the fraud detection problem came due to the name or address ?

please give me some help or advise on what should i do…
its not feeling good to be said by someone that i fraud something…so i hope to solve this as soon as possible…
and also…is there anyway i could contact DH other than the support ticket in the control panel ?

my payments have already been refund
and i've a -100  due balance
so i will still pay only $9.24 after the issue on fraud is solved, right ? (i used the 777 promotion code)
its paid and refund, what likely be shown in my credit card bill ?

sorry for having so many questions....
i would really like to get my hosting solved, thank you

Hi Matisse – don’t panic. Naturally, most companies that use on online transactions have some sort of fraud filtering, and these filters are not always accurate. That’s also why the DH staff is kind enough to work constructively with you to get everything straightened out, so there’s nothing for you to worry about, except of course that you may be delayed a day or so because of this.

Just send them a support ticket through the web panel and set the Category = “Billing and Payment” so that the proper folks will see it.

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ok, thank you for your reply
i’ve submitted a support ticket already
so i think what i should do now is to wait for DH’s reply
and see how we will solve this problem

You may not find out much before Monday, I saw another thread that said if your account says it is pending approval then it was flagged for manual review and manual reviews are only done Monday through Friday… I signed up yesterday afternoon around 3:00pm and it looks like I will pending approval until Monday. Used a US issued Mastercard debit card same name/address etc, so I am curious to find out what caused it to be flagged…

Look at it this way, would you have rathered been tagged as Fraud showing they have strict rules, or rather nothing happen, reguardless what address you use?

I know it can be a pain sometimes, but these checks are in place on purposes to protect you.

what guice said is right
they have this fraud detect system, this can both protect the customer and ofcause…themselves…

my problem have been solved
they asked me to fax them a image of the credit card
i felt its quite unsave to have the credit card’s image faxed
so i requested to cancel my hosting (they cancel today)
so i think i will still be with DH but paying by PayPal which is instant and less verification needed for DH
so far i was quite happy with DH’s support, altough they don’t have phone or chat support
but my support tickets have been answered in less than 24hours, i’m quite happy with that ^^

I’d be curious to hear opions about this. I’ve heard some one else mention something similiar on this forum - asking for an image of the credit card. My big question - why?

Why can’t you verify the card numberas well as its security number on the back of the card and match up the billing address provided in your forms with what the bank has?

Also how is this more secure to see an image of the card, or a rubbing or as I believe was mentioned last time this came up on the forum. I can easy create and edit one of thoes on my computer and fax it in - you’d never know the difference. If someone is suppoesdly flaged for fraud, why wouldn’t they take the extra step for a little graphic manip?


i don’t get the image of credit card thing too…
if you fax them the card image, what you still have not gave is your security code (the 3 numbers at the back)
in Taiwan, we just need Credit Card number and Expiry Date would be enough for the merchant to charge
they charged means you can get your product (which is less security)
but some merchants wants the name on card and security code too
but i don’t get the need for the image…
wouldn’t security code do ?

[quote]but some merchants wants the name on card and security code too
but i don’t get the need for the image…[/quote]

In this situation, it could be to verify the name on the card associated with the number itself.

Faxing is hard to say if you can tell if it’s a PS image sent or a photocopy of the CC. Fax quality is very bad and it’s quite possible that a PS image might be “to good” to be a photocopy of the CC. /shrug (just guessing here, I’m most likely completely wrong and it has absolutely nothing to do with this).

If your use of the card is legit, this will be resolved with support. It’s not unreasonable though, that your sign-up was flagged. Just don’t take the fraud charge personally. It’s not your card (even if you have the right to use it) and (I guess) you are residing outside of the US. These are pretty standard red flags for a US-based company.

[quote]but i don’t get the need for the image…
wouldn’t security code do ?


I’m not personally too familiar with the various benefits of these techniques, though I suspect it probably would. The main reason we have our current system is that when we implemented it originally, there was no way for us to utilize that code. I’m not sure if there is now either, with our current merchant provider. Basically, it’s a combination historical/technical issue.

I do hope that you don’t take the anti-fraud thing too personally. Our system is automated and uses all sorts of criteria to flag accounts. We receive an immense number of (attempted) fraudulent sign-ups, and any barriers to entry we can use to obstruct those who would do us and others harm are considered. Of course, sometimes this results in a barrier to entry for a good person as well, and that’s something we regret.

Maybe we can look into our system and see if it can be improved…

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