Fraud withdraw from my bank account in fraud account with my husband name

Hi, everyone,
I am new to DreamHost. I got know dreamhost just yesterday, because someone from dreamhost in my husband name to withdraw $3980 from my keybank checking.
This is a fraud, recently the unknown theft got all our personal info. and kept applying store credit cards. On June22, this theft in my husband name from DreamHost to withdraw $3980 from my keybank checking account which is not joint account just my name.
This time I wish the theft could be caught!
if any advice and help, pls tell me! We have been suffered from this theft and his/her fraud and crime from this April, non-stop, hope this theft could stop!
Thanks everyone!
This theft must be at this site, once he/she got the money, he will use the money to pay his fraud account in my husband? then he/she could get some sites to do some crime? or he/she would then transfer the money to his own account?

Hi Jenny, sorry to hear of your problems. To have this properly investigated, you have to contact DreamHost Support staff who can dive deeper into the records. Please go to and select “Other” from the drop down menu. Then fill in all the details you have about this: the full name of your husband as it would appear on the bank transaction, the date or dates of the fraudulent transaction, the amount or amounts (if there are more than one), and any other detail that can help our security team investigate.