Framing The Form


the site that i am working on is
i am struggling with the following:
my site uses .css and .php. i am trying to get a url that was provided to me to load in the main window of my site when the apply link and the loan application link is selected. the company that has provided the form, says to “frame the form” then they say …Heres the Form “Get” URL-

i cannot figure out out how to get this form to load inside my site. is even possible?

Then they say it’s as easy as



My guess is that they are suggesting you use an IFRAME. Use the following syntax:

<iframe src="[i]URL provided[/i]"></iframe>The IFRAME can be styled with CSS, just like any other HTML element. You will probably want to set a width and height at the very least.

Simon Jessey
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wow! that was easy!!! Thank you soooo much!!!



My pleasure :slight_smile:

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog