Hi! I know I may seem really knew to all this, and I am! Some of you are probably thinking how unexperienced in domains I am(which I am). I accessed my folder! woohoo! But does anyone know how to like add frames, codes, etc?? I also uploaded some pics into my folder, but I’m not sure like how to center them on the page and everything! Please cut me some slack tho…I am new to all this…and you have to give me credit because I am relatively young for this website stuff! Thanks! GOD BLESS YOU AND AMERICA AND TRUST IN JESUS!!

Your best bet is to go out and buy yourself a good book.

Back in the day where I was starting to tincker with the Internet and wanted to create a website I went out and brought Lincoln Stein’s ‘Build your own Web Site’ book and thought it was most excellent. I’m not sure how current it now is, or if there are updates, but I’m sure Amazon and the likes will have similar recommendations.

If you really don’t want to buy a book and want to dig into things right now, then there are millions of free tutorials floating around on the web. Do a search using your favourite search engine. The site I’ve found useful over the years for this kind of stuff is called Web Monkey and they have a few tutorials over at:

Good luck.

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thank you soo much! I will definately consider buying a book! And yeah I started building @ aol hometown, which is relatively easy, and moved onto angelfire…I thought this whole domain thing was going to be just like putting codes and boxes… but it’s not!! lol- anyways thanks for the advice on the site building! I appreciate it! God Bless You!

Like Wil said, there are a bunch of tutorials out there.

He mentioned and I can really recommend It walks you through web design in baby steps for just about every skill level (starting with how to place pictures and links on your site and progressing to how to write your own javascript).

Template sites like AOL and angelfire can be okay for starting out, but you really should give doing it yourself a try. Just dig and don’t worry about getting dirty.

Have fun!

I started here ( way back when, kinda dated but current techniques and tutorials don’t seem to start at the beginning any more.

Good luck


If you still have your angelfire web pages (the html source), just ftp them into your new dreamhost account, along with your images, and they should look pretty much the same.

Webmonkey is a really good tutorial, or just type “HTML basics” into Google, it’ll show oodles of resources.

Also, an easy way to create simple webpages is to use Composer, it’s built into Netscape/Mozilla (free with it).

When I first started play with web pages I was so hopplessly lost it really wasn’t funny. Even sites as simple as baffaled me (no, I’m not kidding).

I picked up a copy of “Mastering HTML 4.0” which is a massive book, with over 1000 pages it’s still the biggest book in my entire library, and I still use it every now and then as a reference – be assured it defiantly doesn’t cut any corners.

It covers everything from how web pages are served, what ftp programs are and how to use them, the differences between ftp and http and of course lots about HTML, CSS, Image formats, little bit of scripting and general web design concepts and strategies.

IMHO, it’s the be all and end all ofHTML for the beginner. There’s no question it doesn’t have an answer for, and it explains everything in simply and clearly without making you feel like you’re back in kindergarten – like one of those “dummies giued to” books I once bought.

There’s an Updated Version , whilst it’s still a little out of date by today’s standards if you’re just starting out then I’d still highly recommend it as you’ll likely get a lot out of it.

A decent XHTML book might not be a bad idea either, but as of yet most of the beginner XHTML books I’ve flipped through in the book store have been pretty shocking so I can’t offer any solid recommendations in that area.

[quote]A decent XHTML book might not be a bad idea either, but as of yet
most of the beginner XHTML books I’ve flipped through in the boo
store have been pretty shocking so I can’t offer any solid
recommendations in that area.


Unless the newer versions went downhill, the following book is really good for learning ‘basic’ XHTML:

HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide

Long name, but the book is fairly thin (which is a good thing if you’re new to this sort of thing - being intimidated doesn’t help inspire confidence), but is otherwise pretty good.

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Incidentally, WebMonkey is no more. :frowning:

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webmonkey could never die could it?!

[color=#0000CC]jason[/color] works as well,1377,62300,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2

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That’s really too bad… it was a fun, accessible way to learn tech information.

Even if they don’t add any more content, I hope they keep the site up for reference purposes.

The O’Reilly books are a great reference because, as one progresses through their skills, the books usually have so much to offer that one can keep it around. I think I still have a copy of HTML 4.0 from 1997 which I still use some of the appendixes in.

Sorry to see webmonkey go. I was just thinking about them the other day. They had that zany newsletter. I remember their original site - the monkeys dressed up in 50’s service station uniforms. Probably the best feature at that time was a tool that would examine your site and tell you want to fix - things like making your images too big (file size)…

The articles were good too. I did find, in recent years, that some of their writing was a little of base. There was a full review of QT, Real and WM in which the author never even touched on things like SMIL, SureStream, QT authoring (filters…), Flash integration and many other specs that set some of the choices apart.

I too hope they at least keep the content up.