Fp and ftp

I intended to move many web sites onto DH, but I just ran into what may be a deal-breaker.

Seems that DH cannot have FrontPage extensions and allow FTP access at the same time. My current host DOES allow that and since I need to use FTP then I cannot move these sites onto DH.

I wonder if that is - - I mean why doesn’t FP and FTP work on DH but they do work on the same web space on other hosts.

Ideas? Suggestions??

Dreamhost is a Linux-centric host, they do not run any Windows servers, they don’t like Windows servers, they don’t even hardly pretend to support much the Front Pageserver extensions from what I’ve been hearing lately.

IF Front Page server extesnsions are a priority for you I think you’d do better to look elsewhere. If it’s FTP you want and can do without Frontpage server extensions, that’s no problem at all. Dreamhost is as solid as they come in the shared Linuz hosting world, ftp all day if you like :slight_smile:

all that said, I didn’t know that FP extensions and FTP were mutually exclusive, you might want to search Dreamhost’s Knowledge Base for answers to Front Page (FrontPage) questions.



My former web hosting ran 100% red hat - no windows on the servers I used, yet I can ftp in and use fp extensions.

But - it’s no big deal. I will adapt the web site in question. Thanks for the reply.

Does your site actually require FP extensions? A lot of the functions of FP don’t actually require the extension even though FP may tell you so.

Things like FP’s discussion lists, and their submit form do actually require FP extension, but thoes are so easly worked around.


I can get around FP extensions with scripts and that’s my plan. It’s going to slow my migration into DH (I have a few sites) but really like DH so far. The support from guys like you and the others is outstanding and I like the unique control panels …

You want to stay away from FP coding anyway. It’s sloppy and there’s WAY too much junk to do simple stuff. Not to mention that it designs for Internet Explorer ONLY. I’ve seen a lot of sites built by FP that look fine in IE, but move over to FireFox or Mozilla, and you can kiss your formatting bye-bye.

On the whole, you’re much better off moving away from FP.

I’d give my right arm to be ambidexterous!

I am convinced.
I recreated most of the fp site and it’s much leaner.