Foundation 3 site does not appear, old site does? FTP Upload successful


It pains me to ask this question as I’ve been FTP-ing my sites up for years, and have only run into this now. Has anyone ever FTPed a site, seen it in the folder, and it still loads the cached site? I hard reset the DNS, logged into the site via filezilla (shows new files), dreamhost (shows new files), ShiftEdit (chrome extension, shows OLD files).

I’ve refreshed every browser and checked every setting (or so I think) and I still can’t pull up the new site on an actual browser, any idea?

The site uses the Foundation 3 css framework and I completely deleted my old site from the server.


My first guess would be wrong server user. Navigate to “manage domains” in the panel and check the web hosting column and make certain you are ftping to the correct user.

If that not the issue, give us the domain name, might help to have a few eyeballs on the DNS, what exactly is a “hard reset”?

Ah I think you are right, I just logged into the domains as a different user and it shows the old setup, will see if it works. Thanks! :slight_smile:


It works! Thanks! :slight_smile: