Forwarding to fails

I have two email addresses on a domain which forward to other accounts. One is going to a gmail account and is working fine. The other is forwarding to, and it has not been working.

I sent three test emails to the forward-only address going to Three days later, I got the following returned message on each:

[quote]This is the mail system at host delivery temporarily suspended: host[] refused to talk to me: 421
4.7.1 - Connection refused - <> - Too many concurrent
connections ( <2> ) from source IP[/quote]

Is this a problem with, or do they just not like Dreamhost?

I’m assuming that is a shared web hosting server.

RR won’t accept email from THAT server. Probably due to prior spam originating from that IP address (harlem).

It’s fairly common at dreamhost to find web hosting machines with email blocks/blacklists. It’s less common (but still possible) for dreamhosts email servers to be on blacklists.

I don’t know what is SENDing your email, or why it’'s being “forwarded” FROM web hosting machine (as opposed to a dreamhost email server) but the best way to approach this is if the email is being sent FROM a web application configure that web application to use SMTP and give it the credentials of an actual email account at dreamhost to send the email.

Thanks! I’m just using Dreamhost’s standard forwarding option.

It didn’t occur to me that the email server was shared and so could have been flagged for other activity. I’ll continue testing, though last night email did go through. In theory, if the email server doing the forwarding was changed, the problem should disappear.