Forwarding to large email lists


I’ve been pulling out my hair trying to get the following to work:

  1. Send/forward mail to all of our members (~300 people) on their own accounts
  2. Allow for multiple “reply-to-all” messages per hour
  3. Apply filters to to get rid of spam (eg. only forward email which contains a particular string in the subject)

We’ve just recently migrated to Dreamhost after doing this for the past 9 years on a different system. Unfortunately it looks like I can’t use Milters on Sendmail like I used to use. I can’t use Procmail on forwarding accounts, shell accounts can only send out 200 emails/hr so I think I’m down to using Mailman for distribution lists.

Using “Topics” for Mailman would work, but how do I force a default Topic for all users?

Are there any other possibilities?

Thanks for any help,

Never mind … spam filter does what I want. Sorry about asking first, thinking later.

Follow up question - is there any way to set up multiple mailman lists identically to each other (with the exception of name/address) without having to set all the options by hand?

  • Rob

Are you sure the spam filter does it? Forwarding addresses don’t get filtered, unless you run it through procmail yourself.

I can’t think of any way to duplicate a mailman setup. The process sets up so much various stuff that I see no way to create a duplicate of it.


I guess I should have been a little more specific. The spam filters on mailman would work on the mailman lists - but not on the forwarding addresses - but this suits my purposes. I tried it out last night on a mailman list of 2 people and it seemed to do what I wanted.

(I can “hide” the fact that it is mailman from most non-savvy users and it will look like what they have been dealing with for the past 9 years.)

Let’s see if it handles 9 lists and 150+ people per list. First I have to set up the 9 lists though :frowning: