Forwarding to Gmail?


It seems my email will not forward to gmail. It forwards to other addresses, just not my gmail address.

Anyone else have the same problem? What’s going on here?



Following is from the panel. Surprising it does not appear on

[quote]********* Critical Announcement *********
(posted 17 hours 47 mins ago)

Many of you may have noticed that mail being sent from our system is
being blacklisted by AOL, Comcast, (GoDaddy) and
Spamcop. We are aware of these issues and are doing everything we can
to resolve them. Please refrain from contacting us in regards to these
problems for now, as we have all the necessary information already.
Instead, please keep an eye on, as we’ll
post any updates in regards to this situation there. In the meantime,
you can try using your ISP’s outgoing mail server to be able to send
mail. We thank you for your patience as we try to resolve these problems.

Still need to submit a support request?
Click here![/quote]


I have my email forwarded to gmail with no problems at all. I get all my email just fine, too.

Does the web panel actually block you from using a gmail address? How do you know it won’t forward?

yerba# rm -rf /etc


It seems to be working now. Very strange. At first I created a catch-all and set everything to forward to my gmail account. It didn’t work. Then I changed the forward to a non-gmail account. That worked. Then I changed the forward back to my gmail account and now it is working. It doesn’t make sense but it is working so I will leave it alone.