Forwarding to comcast

This looks to be a subject with much discussion, mainly in 2006. Is there or will be there be any update and action on this or is comcast still an issue? Is the issue just with forwarding or will it apply to discussion lists also.

I’m just taking over a website for a non profit, and they were in the middle of trying to move from a different hosting company, which had no problem with comcast - but did have aol and yahoo issues… This sounds like just trading one issue for another.

It’s still an issue, but shouldn’t be one for a Discussion List. DreamHost has specifically disallowed Forwarders to go to AOL or Comcast. Discussions aren’t Forwarders.


So does anyone have suggestions? We have about 20 public addresses, like and, etc. The person volunteering for an area changes periodically. Currently about 7 of them are comcast email customers, but as volunteers come and go that changes.

We need some way to deal with this, without putting a burden on the volunteers…

Make it a real POP/IMAP mailbox and change passwords whenever you get a new volunteer. They can use webmail to access their mail.

Or have them use Gmail. Really, Comcast are bastards in their handling of spam, and now their customers/your volunteers are suffering.


I have the same problem and am seriously considering moving to another hosting company.

I have worked around this by setting up gmail accounts that simply forward to the desired comcast address. So forwards to, which forwards to the comcast address.

Unfortunately, if Comcast is like AOL, they’ll blacklist every IP address that message touches. Gmail is a big player and can probably easily get Comast’s ear, but Comcast hasn’t been very responsive to DreamHost. That would be a shame if you had to drop DreamHost because of Comcast’s behavior.

I think the better solution is for people to quit using their ISP’s email addresses. People move; companies get bought out; all of which changes a person’s email address.


Ever since I first had my own domain name years ago, I’ve exclusively used addresses within domains I own for e-mail, rather than anything from ISPs.

– Dan

yes John, that was the same solution I came up with, but was hoping for a better one…