Forwarding to AOL

I’m trying to set up mail forwarding for about 40 addresses on my domain. When I try to enter the addresses using the “Bulk-Edit Forwarding-Only Addresses” link, I get errors on all the AOL addresses:

Our apologies, but we don’t allow forwarding to

OK, I’m not a big fan of AOL either, but I can’t tell my users they’re not allowed to get their mail there. How can I set up forwarding to AOL?

The problem is created by AOL incorrectly parsing headers on forwarded email. Anyone that clicks “this is spam” on a forwarded email will be marking ANY email forwarded by dreamhost as spam. You can read more here:

I used to offer email forwarding from our club’s website for members but AOL started farking it up sometime in the early part of this century. I stopped. As mentioned, it is AOL, not Dreamhost that is the problem

AOL has had no logical reason to exist since about 1994. Unfortunately, millions of morons fail to realize this.