Forwarding subdmomain to a different host

Hello all, another quick domain question:

I have a domain with a bunch of subdomains on it. The main www domain is hosted at Dreamhost. One of the subdomains I want to point to an account hosted elsewhere, as

I need to set up a CNAME record for this domain, right? The problem is, I don’t seem to have the URL to put inside the CNAME record.

I have the URL of the website host that is running my forum, but that’s not working. I also have the IP address ( of my account on said host-- but this won’t work either, because the Dreamhost Control Panel says “Invalid: “202” is not a valid TLD for a domain!”

I looked in the wiki but couldn’t find any help. I guess my question is: what are the steps to creating a subdomain that forwards to an external host?

thanks for any help!

If you want to point the sub-domain at your other host by IP address, you need to use an A-Record, not a CNAME.


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Will changing my A record preempt my domain (which is hosted on dreamhost) ??

There is already an A record going to my Dreamhost IP - should I delete this A record?

If had other similar subdomains to forward later on, can I add additional A records, or can there be only one?

Thank you!!

No! The main A-Record specifies which IP address the parent domain resolves to. In-fact, I doubt you can delete the main A-Record anyway, as it should be in the ‘non-editable’ area.

You need to add an additional A-Record for each sub-domain that you wish to point to an external IP address. You do this in the same way that you previously added your CNAME. For example, to create an A-Record to point the sub-domain ‘example’ to the IP address you would add the following record;

Name: example
Type: A

Good Luck.


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