Forwarding Only Email and Gmail Delivery Problem

I created a forwarding-only e-mail address (@ourdomainname), using DreamHost’s “Manage Email” tab, for the teachers at our school to communicate with each other. An e-mail sent to the forwarding address is delivered to about 12 people and they are the only people who use it and there is no associated mailbox, so this isn’t a forwarding spam issue.

Up until the past month or so it has worked beautifully. Since then, a message sent to the forwarding address from a teacher’s g-mail address is bounced from the other teachers who have g-mail accounts (with the message that it was bounced due to too high a volume of unsolicited email), but is delivered to teachers who don’t have g-mail addresses. In addition, this teacher is no longer receiving messages initiated by other teachers and sent to the forward-only e-mail address until someone else responds to the thread.

I would like to fix this issue so we can use the forward-only address, but I am not sure how to do it or what is causing the problem! Any help appreciated.

gmail may have recently imposed a recipient limit to combat mass marketing. Don’t wait for the resolution… make it happen.

Try different amounts of recipients. Start with nine. If working, leave up a week then increase by 2s until you hit the ceiling.

Or you could of course just create an additional alias email account and split the recipients.

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