Forwarding fully hosted E-mail

I want to add forward address to a “Fully hosted Mail”. However, I cannot see the box for forward address I used to see under “Fully hosted Mail”. IN fact I just deleted a forwarding option from this E-mail and tried to add back other one, but I cannot. I wonder this is system bug.

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My guess would be it clears up the clutter a little bit as the Fully-Hosted email creation form could seem quite busy to new users.


Panel > Mail > Manage Email > Create New Email Address ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ :link:

  • Create a Forward-Only Email account.

  • Edit the newly created account and alter it to be Fully Hosted

The Fully Hosted form on the Edit page will now display the Also Forward To: edit box with the original forward address filled in.

For addresses initially created without forwarding, edit them to be Forward-Only then re-edit back to Fully Hosted.

Would temporarily setting an existing Fully Hosted Email account to Forward-Only delete the existing mailboxes and their contents? If so. that’s not a viable option. We have important Email we want to keep without having to manually back everything up and restore it afterwards.

Ours is a non-profit organization with positions that change personnel annually. What we do is set up position-specific addresses such as “president@…”, “treasurer@…” etc. as Fully Hosted, and also set up Forward-Onlys to redirect to those either individually as synonyms (“donations@…” might forward to “treasurer@…” for instance) or collectively (“board@…” forwards to multiple such addresses). Then, if the person in that position is computer savvy enough, I reset the password when the position changes hands and the new person can set it up on their own Email clients and/or log in with webmail.

For those not so savvy, I do a Forward to their personal Email address that they already know how to use (doesn’t work with and some others, sadly). Many of our members in these positions are senior citizens, so training them to use a new Email account is difficult at best, and for some is out of the question.

By doing it this way, those who are savvy can get at emails involving old business that was transacted by their predecessors in those positions if need be, and the previous officeholders lose access without the mails themselves being lost. Also, we don’t have to publicize the personal addresses of the board members (those using a Forward would reveal their Email address if they Reply to anyone, of course). We’ve done this for many years now.

Losing the ability to add a Forwarding address to a currently non-Forwarded Email account without deleting the existing Emails is a showstopper / dealbreaker for us and would be a reason for us to maybe seek other hosting that allows this unless this functionality were quickly restored.

You can understand why I might not want to try to verify experimentally whether the existing Emails and mailboxes would be lost if switched even temporarily to “Forward-Only.” Does anyone have a definitive answer to this?

I’ve done it myself in the past with no issues. A painless test to verify that it will work for you would be to create a temporary Fully Hosted address and send it some mails from another service (eg. GMail), then edit it to be Forward Only – then back to Fully Hosted – and look in it’s mailbox.

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