Forwarding email to php pipe help


I successfully got the script from this post to work:

PHP interface to DH Control Panel

But I also need to have forwarding-only addresses handled by a PHP script, as discussed here:

email to php pipe help

In the wiki it says “If you must have your own custom .procmailrc, you will only be able to set one up for mail accounts that are tied to shell/ftp accounts. You cannot access the .procmailrc file for mail accounts that use the autogenerated mXXXXXXX accounts.”

So is there any hope to have not just mXXXXXXX accounts, but forwarding-only addresses handled by a script? And if there’s hope (as Obama claims), how can I accomplish this?


I thought the mXXXXXXX were the default mailboxes for users, not stand alone email accounts?

If my understanding is correct, the script should work fine as it’s creating email accounts and not users.

Have you tried a pipe script yet? If you’re struggling, there’s a couple of posts I made about this at the end of 2007.


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Thanks for the response.

My problem is with the pipe script. I was providing the other info about creating accounts just for background. I was guessing that the failed email script was due to the fact that it was for a forwarding email account instead of a real account.

So does anyone know if you can use procmail to make a forwarding email address go to a script? Or does that only work with real accounts?


The way i did it (can’t remember the posts, but i made some about this last year) was:

create a mailbox - something like "".

Create the forwarding addresses to forward to the pipe mailbox.

Get procmail to use the pipe mailbox.

I did similar so i could use eTicket (free php support ticketing system).


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